We're Excited To Partner With Save Pangolins


We're incredibly excited to announce our official partnership with Save Pangolins, an international foundation backed by conservation biologists Paul Thomson and Keri Parker. Since we’re donating 50 percent of all book profits to Save Pangolins, we wanted to share why they're the perfect match for “Pangy the Pangolin” and explain our methodology for calculating this. 

Even though we love all animals, it was important to us that every penny donated goes specifically to pangolin protection efforts. Save Pangolins is entirely dedicated to helping pangolins (hence the name) and the heart of their mission is: "to conserve pangolins by transforming relationships between people and pangolins."

So, how do they go about the insanely hard task of changing the way people treat pangolins, one of the world's most illegally trafficked animals?

Save Pangolins does everything from coordinating rescue and rehabilitation efforts to educating the public about pangolins through media campaigns. They also train young pangolin conservationists and empower researchers and environmentalists, who may lack proper pangolin resources. And on top of everything else, they raise awareness online and at different events such as The Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in San Francisco. Save Pangolins works directly with many groups, such as:

Paul Thomson and Keri Parker are the compassionate forces behind the nonprofit. They’re both conservation biologists and Vice Chairs on the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group. So, they're the real deal when it comes pangolin experts! 

As an official partner, our publishing company (Moon Grove Studios) has agreed to share quarterly 'Pangy the Pangolin' book revenue numbers with Save Pangolins foundation and calculate profit to share 50/50. This revenue includes all sales channels, such as our website, Amazon, Etsy, retail sales, expos, etc. Profit is calculated after deducting book expenses, such as printing, advertising, and shipping/distribution costs. As of May 2019, our profit-per-book is between $4-10, depending on sales channel and shipping cost. Further, we expect this number to improve as we increase sales and printing quantities!

It’s a dream to team up with fellow pangolin supporters who we've admired for so many years. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey! 

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