8 Adorable Things You May Not Know About the Pangolin

Usually, when Zach and I tell someone about our love for pangolins, we hear something like this: "Huh. They look kinda strange." And they do -- in the best way possible! We're not saying pangolins are the hunks of the animal kingdom (we'll leave that to the lions), but they're so easy to love once you get to know them a little better. 

Here are 8 adorable facts about the pangolin.

1.  Momma pangolins are very protective. They curl up into balls and roll around their sleeping babies to guard them from any potential dangers. 

2. To get around, baby pangolins cling to their mothers' tails. Pangy-back ride, anyone?

3. They're not aggressive. In the face of danger, pangolins roll into balls and rely on their nearly-impenetrable scales to stay safe from predators.

4. Their scales are made of keratin, the same fibrous material as human fingernails and hair. We're not so different afterall! 

5. They're toothless but they have long and sticky tongues, perfect for ant-slurping. 

6. They can hobble on their hind legs like hobbits.

7. They're in Hollywood flicks! Pangolins were characters in "Zootopia" and "The Jungle Book." 

8. Pangolins are shy and mysterious creatures preferring solitude over attention, which means we still don't know a lot about them. Who knows how many more cute facts we'll learn about them in the future! 


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